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Seattle Popular Arts Community

Northwest geeks unite.

Seattle Deviants
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Welcome to Seattle Deviants, the Northwest's popular arts community and place for true geeks-at-heart to conspire. Our interests encompass the realms of anime, comics, costuming, fantasy, gaming, horror, medieval arts, science fiction, and international/indie cinema -- amongst other geeky things. If you are a fan of attending con events (i.e., Dragon*Con or Emerald City Comicon), here is the place to discuss it with other locals. We allow everything from costuming ideas to rants about new comics to cult movie recommendations to con thrills and woes, and everything pertaining to Northwest geek culture. Join. You know you wanna post pictures of your Battlefield Earth costume.

NO. This community is not limited to discussions pertaining only to conventions. Basically anything that can be considered geeky can and WILL be talked about here! So don't be shy to promote yourself and your interests.

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Please remember to keep it friendly:

- Pictures inside an LJ-cut
- Be sentient - speaking in 1337 or ^_^;; will require you to attend a Miss Klingon pageant
- No plugs for rating communities or non-geek related things
- Leave the sark behind

Not good at introducing yourself? Just fill out this handy survey. Photo is optional.

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- Age/Where From:
- Geek Interests:
- Affiliations (if any):
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Here is a community list of Northwest Conventions.