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Feb. 19th, 2009 @ 01:04 am Go Play NW 2009: Registration now open!
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Current Location: Freehold Theatre, Seattle, WA
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Go Play NW is a Seattle convention of indie gamers and game designers where we get together, greet old friends, make some new ones, and play some games.

Registration is now open for Go Play NW 2009! There are a few improvements and changes this year:
  • THREE days of gaming: from Friday night June 26 – Sunday June 28

  • Cool location downtown: Freehold Theatre in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood

  • Friday Night Feast: a private buffet dinner (including vegetarian options and beer) will be available for a reasonable additional charge
The Weekend Pass + Friday Night Feast is $57, the Weekend Gaming-only Pass is $40. These prices are good until June 1, so go register now, or check out the GPNW home page for more information.